Week of June 30 - July 6, 2022

Max Castro, Progreso Weekly columnist and friend, has passed

On Friday we learned of the passing of longtime Progreso Weekly / Semanal columnist Max J. Castro.

Fear of Florida: Biden’s electoral calculations on Cuba

The Democratic Party has been a victim of of a myth and narrative that the Cuban-American vote is directly linked…

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The triumph of death

The global ruling class is cementing into place a world where they govern without accountability and mass death is normalized.

Debate or discussion?

This week's Here, there and everywhere column discusses Cuba's Caribe channel premiere of a program that is supposed to debate the country's economic issues.

Justice is blind. And so is Merrick Garland

The debasement of Attorney General Merrick Garland is without historical correlate. It represents a self-defeating adherence to ideological centrism.

DeSantis and friends want to pass on to our children that hatred they have in their hearts

Florida seems to have this water that’s special. I’m not sure if you drink it, bathe in it, step on or in it… but it produces the likes of politicians like DeSantis.

The failed path of the Summits of the Americas

Now the IX Summit is being convened, to be held in Los Angeles, and once again the regional panorama for the United States is complicated.