Week of June 1 - 7, 2023

Fear felt in Florida before extreme anti-immigrant measures (+Español)

One of the most anti-immigrant state laws in the United States will go into effect on July 1 in Florida -- promoted…

Noam Chomsky on why this is the most dangerous point in human history

The renowned public intellectual explains the threats of climate change, nuclear annihilation, rising inequality,…

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El ruso empresario Boris Titov presentó 11 proyectos que pasaron a 30 por los intercambios con las autoridades cubanas.

Chinese immigrants sue Florida over DeSantis’s discriminatory law banning home purchases

Citizens of Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, Russia, Iran, and North Korea would also be restricted from purchasing homes in Florida.

Colombian president warns of coup plot against him (+Español)

Gustavo Petro sounded the alarms about a brewing coup plot against him during an event in Sucre at which land was turned over to dispossessed peasants.

Haiti’s choice is social revolution or foreign intervention (+Español)

With a long experience of chaos, Haiti looks now to be on the verge of new crisis in the form of foreign military intervention.