Hitsuzen and those sonic attacks

Hitsuzen. It’s a Japanese word meaning there is no such thing as coincidence. 

We started the Trump presidency, after his surprising 2016 November victory and months before his inauguration, with those mysterious head, brain and who knows what other supposed injuries suffered by American diplomats and staff in Cuba, then in China and later in Russia. The infamous ‘sonic’ attacks. 

In Cuba, at least, it led to the dismantling of the consular office in Havana and much of the rapprochement begun during the Obama years. Trump then replaced Obama’s diplomacy with his doctrine (whose main architect is Florida’s Marco Rubio), a ruthless and cruel attempt at sinking the island-nation and its people deep into the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.   

Now with little more than a month to go before Trump turns over the keys to the White House (well, it looks like he may have to be dragged out and new keys made…) to Joe Biden, the Cuban ‘sonic’ attacks are back in the news. Hitsuzen. I called the sonic attacks ‘Eargate’ back in 2017. At the time I arrived at my own theory “using logic, history and common scientific sense.” I wrote: “If ‘Eargate’ did happen as reported, the culprits are Americans themselves working to undo the advances in diplomacy achieved since December 17, 2014, between the U.S. and Cuba.”

Marco Rubio and others like him, and using friends in the State Department headed by another Trump ass-kisser and Tea Party nut, Secretary Mike Pompeo, have seen the end of their run at trying to sink the island over the past four years. So using the media as they’ve done masterfully over these past four years, and adding U.S. adversaries like Russia and China into the mix, these soon to be has-been Trumpers of the worst kind are flailing and trying to reignite a much ado case of vertigo on CIA operatives passed off as State Department employees in Havana and other cities around the world.

Because suddenly and with barely more than a month to go before Trump must exit the White House, CNN, The New York Times, AP, Washington Post and a host of others are reporting that “the mysterious head injuries suffered by US diplomatic staff in China and Cuba that had been described as “sonic attacks” are consistent with the use of directed microwave energy, according to a report published Saturday by the National Academy of Sciences.”

The report states that “The mere consideration of such a scenario raises grave concerns about a world with disinhibited malevolent actors and new tools for causing harm to others, as if the U.S. government does not have its hands full already with naturally occurring threats.”

Marco Rubio and his friends know that with Joe Biden in the White House chances are (and both Biden and VP-elect Harris stated this during the campaign) the U.S.-Cuba relationship would return to the pre-Trump era when both countries were talking to each other respectfully and looking for solutions to problems, instead of creating new ones. The ‘sonic attacks,’ now diagnosed as microwaveable, are a good way of creating doubt about Cuba’s intentions — and their “friends” in Russia and China — that may help drive a wedge between the Biden-Harris plan for Cuba and maintaining the highly lucrative 60-plus years of hostilities between our countries that Little Marco and others have benefitted greatly from.

But as I wrote back in 2017, there are examples of coincidences in the past that led us to wars or diplomatic imbroglios: 

  • The USS Maine blown up in Havana Harbor gave the U.S. reason to intervene in a war that had been fought between Cuba and its colonialists, Spain, for many years. Interestingly, it was newspaper publishers who pushed the U.S. into the Cuban War of Independence. And who blew up the Maine? Whoever did gave the U.S. a reason to enter the war…
  • Vietnam and the domino theory. The country involved in a war of independence (not much different than what the U.S. did in 1776), we were told, was being overrun by communists, who like dominoes falling, would end up on our shores sooner or later…
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. A proven lie that pushed the U.S. into a war against Saddam Hussein, which to this date, we are still paying for and that also led to an even greater destabilization of the Middle East, parts of southeast Asia and the world. ISIS and other terrorist groups did not just happen…
  • The Peter Pan ordeal in Cuba. Almost 15,000 children used by the CIA and the Catholic Church in an operation to destabilize the newly formed Cuban revolutionary government. Many of the children are now older men and women who still bear the scars of this grotesque plan. And many in the U.S. still blame the Castro government for it… 

All were ‘coincidences’ that led to certain people in the U.S. government achieving their goals of domination over other parts of the world, while at the same time benefitting economically from some of the planned and directed chaos.

Now as Trump exits the stage in 2020, ‘Eargate’, or the sonic attacks, or the microwave capers, call it what you want, it’s eerie how these strange coincidences happen at just the right time… and benefit all the wrong people. 

It’s why I too believe that there is no such thing as coincidence.

‘Eargate’ feels like a U.S. operation to undo Obama’s Cuba opening