‘Eargate’ feels like a U.S. operation to undo Obama’s Cuba opening

We continue to hear and read of the so-called sonic attacks that allegedly have done harm to, at this point, 21 U.S. diplomats in Cuba. The 21 have suffered hearing loss or concussions, while others suffered nausea, headaches and ear-ringing. Some are struggling with concentration or common word recall. These are all allegations reported by numerous U.S. press outlets including Associated Press, Reuters, The Washington Post, Fox News, the Miami Herald and others. To date, not one of the persons attacked has yet to be identified. Surely their symptoms and injuries have been reported, but there is still not one face attached to the crime — at least publicly.

Since the beginning it has been a strange case. A “Who done it?” of international intrigue — nothing really strange or new when it comes to the U.S.-Cuba relationship.

Vietnam may not seem relevant to this story. But there’s a little nugget in the excellent Ken Burns documentary on Vietnam I’ve been watching. Something that sticks in my mind, a statement by a soldier who fought for the U.S. in that war, who says, and I’m paraphrasing, that the early 60s, with President Kennedy still alive, was the last time Americans truly believed that their government would never lie to them…

So I did some mind searching after viewing the program and came up with these:

  • The USS Maine blown up in Havana Harbor gave the U.S. reason to intervene in a war that had been fought between Cuba and its colonialists, Spain, for many years. Interestingly, it was newspaper publishers who pushed the U.S. into the Cuban War of Independence. And who blew up the Maine? Whoever did gave the U.S. a reason to enter the war…
  • Vietnam and the domino theory. The country involved in a war of independence (not much different than what the U.S. did in 1776), we were told, was being overrun by communists, who like dominoes falling, would end up on our shores sooner or later…
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. A proven lie that pushed the U.S. into a war against Saddam Hussein, which to this date, we are still paying for and that also led to an even greater destabilization of the Middle East, parts of southeast Asia and the world. ISIS and other terrorist groups did not just happen…
  • The Peter Pan ordeal in Cuba. Almost 15,000 children used by the CIA and the Catholic Church in an operation to destabilize the newly formed Cuban revolutionary government. Many of the children are now older men and women who still bear the scars of this grotesque plan. And many in the U.S. still blame the Castro government for it…

The list is much longer, but enough to show that deception and lies have been used by the U.S. to achieve their ultimate goal of empire.

Which brings us back to ‘Eargate’ and the 21 U.S. diplomats.

First, let us not forget that when initially reported there were Canadians who were also listed as victims of the sonic attacks. Towards the end of August, Progreso reproduced a Reuters report that “Canada is not automatically assuming that Cuba was behind an alleged ‘acoustic attack’ against U.S. and Canadian personnel in Havana and has no plans to expel Cuban diplomats.”

Canada not assuming Cuba was behind acoustic incidents

Add to that statements made by scientists who are experts in the field of sound and its effects on the human body. In a Fox News report by James Rogers, he writes, “There has been speculation that infrasound (a low frequency sound below the human hearing range) or ultrasound (above 20 KHz and can not be heard by humans), may have been harnessed in the attacks.

“‘Ultimately, devices working in either spectrum could cause hearing damage but it is unlikely to be infrasonic given the size of the speaker required to produce the requisite frequency and decibel level,’ explained Dr. Toby Heys, leader of Manchester Metropolitan University’s Future Technologies research centre, in a statement emailed to Fox News. ‘Infrasound is also very difficult/next to impossible to direct, within current technological dictates.’

“’There’s no efficient way to focus infrasound to make it into a usable weapon,’ said Mario Svirsky, an expert on ear disorders and neuroscience at New York University School of Medicine.

“Heys added that ultrasound could be directed at a target’s head, but would require extremely precise targeting within a building’s infrastructure.”

Later in the same article they address the issue of concussions and dismiss it as caused by the sonic attacks alleged by the U.S. government.

Based on this information I offer my own ideas about the possibilities of this case. Obviously the Herald and the Post have reached conclusions based on zero evidence and continue to blame Cuba for these incidents. I too have no evidence, but using logic, history and common scientific sense, I believe my conclusion is more realistic than that of these two newspapers.

If ‘Eargate’ did happen as reported, the culprits are Americans themselves working to undo the advances in diplomacy achieved since December 17, 2014, between the U.S. and Cuba. I have no idea if it’s a CIA operation, a rogue group within the U.S. government on orders from the Trump administration, or who knows who. But based on what scientists are saying, this had to have happened within the walls of the homes and offices of these American diplomats and directed very precisely by persons inside these walls while the Americans were there.

There’s one last thing to consider, though, we are dealing in an age where scientific knowledge is frowned upon by our current U.S. president and a senator from Florida who wears elevator shoes. So when it comes to Eargate, for these two especially, deception is much handier than science.