We were but a few and Omicron poked its head

The appearance of the new Covid strain, already present in some European countries, has shaken Cubans like a bucket of cold water poured into the best of dreams. The country was regaining its shape after an anguished lethargy with seven surnames, and now, again, in tension, with new concerns given the easy transmissibility of the unwanted visitor: the super mutant Omicron.

It’s a situation that our political, governmental and health authorities have for sure taken into account when officially reporting greater restrictions and increased rigor for travelers from South Africa or European nations. Due precautions will be taken starting this Saturday, December 4, according to Dr. Francisco Durán, spokesman for the Ministry of Public Health.

Alarmists and the fair-minded in the front row. Followed by the irresponsible, who are not few. Our admirable scientific community finds itself in relentless action — we face the closest thing to a war. Or perhaps this is worse than war since the enemy has the power of invisibility. Even so, our national specialists have confirmed that the response to the effectiveness of local vaccines to this variant will not be known for weeks.

The wisest thing to do would be not to encourage excessive alarms, but not to be careless either. Be very attentive and do not repeat the same mistakes. Be very transparent and realistic. Banish the so-called “white lies” and continue, each one in his or her own way, knowing that the ground continues to be mined.