Get ready for 2020, and it doesn’t look good

People have gone mad. They elected Donald Trump president in 2016, and if next year’s election were held today they’d probably reelect him for another four years. The only thing that may save us from this unhinged tyrant may be Trump himself. He seems unhealthy in the kind of way that leads 73-year-olds to croak while tweeting, seated on a gold-plated toilet battling constipation, after a night of too many greasy burgers. Think Elvis Presley.

He’s appears so bloated that he resembles a pufferfish wearing a fake, unnatural yellow pompadour. His face is an unhealthy crimson red — a sign of high blood pressure. And he sweats like a pig; it might be the record-breaking heat, but that’s no excuse for someone who denies global warming. 

And yet Trump draws huge crowds and is treated like a rock star when he visits Middle America. His appearances before large crowds are described brilliantly by Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone: “Donald Trump doesn’t visit Middle America. He descends upon it. His rallies are awesome spectacles. Gawkers come down from the hills. If NASA traveled the country holding showings of the first captured alien life-form, the turnout would be similar. The pope driving monster trucks might get this much attention.”

The Democrats, meanwhile, who insist someone must replace Trump in 2020, keep stepping all over themselves. They’ve allowed Trump to continue to control the narrative and distract the country from what is important. Along the way we’ve allowed ourselves to become a country ruled by a con man who uses Twitter to steer us like Pavlovian rats waiting for his next 280 character message. 

All the while environmental disasters are happening; people are dying for lack of healthcare; the economy is being propped up artificially solely to hang on until November of next year; ISIS is regrouping; the world is going to shit; we’re creating a hemispheric policy to starve countries so that the U.S. can then control them; Puerto Rico is finding out what it feels like to be a U.S. dominated colony; children are being caged and held in concentration camps; school kids are being shot and killed in schools, but the 2nd Amendment is more important than our children…

There’s more, of course. Yet Trump only thinks of winning, for himself, even if it means losing for everyone else. And still all we seem to care about, all we take the time to read, is what Stormy Daniels said about the president’s cork-screw like penis and Trump’s affinity for grabbing women’s pussies.

And by the way, the mass media (journalists), we too are being manipulated by Trump and his minions. In fact, I am sure high up in the executive offices of some of these Trump-bashing news stations, the money people are loving what’s happening. The fact is that cable-news profits, for example, have soared 36 percent since Trump began his run four years ago. 

So the show must go on, and if it makes money, so much the better. America, they say, is already great and will right itself sooner or later. Yeah, sure… I say.

Read how Taibbi describes the situation: “This cycle has led to more alienation and made the 2020 election a gruesome, exhausting black comedy. This is our penance for turning the presidential campaign into a bread-and-circus entertainment. Middle Americans got so used to getting nothing out of elections, they started treating national politics for what it had become to them, a distant, pretentious sitcom.”

At this pace, get ready for four more years of Trump. And who knows what’s in store for the country.