Alliegro fuming: ‘Are politicians above the law?’

Miami Herald columnist Marc Caputo is reporting that former David Rivera girl-pal Ana Alliegro is fuming because, as she told the Herald, in spite of the fact that Rivera was “the mastermind behind a complicated campaign finance that landed her and another in prison,” he has yet to be indicted.

The Herald report states that Alliegro was angry because “despite her hour-long Dec. 18 testimony and a mountain of evidence: corroborating witnesses, a trove of emails, a handwritten note from Rivera and even fingerprints. Also, a federal judge last year demanded that Rivera be named in open court,” nothing seems to be happening. And the only two who have paid the price of Rivera’s indiscretions are Alliegro and their puppet candidate Justin Lamar Sternad, who ran a losing campaign against Joe Garcia.

“Are politicians above the law? I don’t get it,” Alliegro told the Miami Herald in an interview. Rivera, who has long maintained his innocence, couldn’t be reached, according to the Herald report.

[For the whole story, click here to read the Caputo report.]