Consider Marco Rubio’s political trajectory, study his path carefully, and you will note that a vote for Clinton is the logical step for him to take at this time. Marco needs Hillary Clinton to win the presidential election in less than 10 days. A Hillary victory falls perfectly into his new plans for 2020.

Sen. Rubio may tell you he decided to run for the U.S. Senate, again, because there was a need to counterbalance and protect us, the voters, from a victory, and what it might represent, by Hillary or even Donald Trump, for that matter. But let us not forget. Marco Rubio wants to be president of the United Sates. And if there’s something positive I can say about Marco Rubio is that he goes after he what he wants — with a vengeance. And his only priority, in spite of everything he might say, is Marco Rubio. He may tell you it’s about the voters and the American people. He may even shed a tear outside the Orlando nightclub where nearly 50 human beings perished at the hands of a deranged and hate-filled gunman. The occasion, he claimed, that changed his mind about not seeking the Senate seat he was relinquishing after being destroyed in the presidential primary by Trump.

When he decided to run for president Marco told us he would not seek his old job back. He admitted to hating his job in the U.S. Senate. A study of his record backed that up. He hardly showed up for work. His voting record the worst in the Senate.

The problem was that after a quick search of his soul (yes, he has one), Marco realized that without what he treats as his part-time job in the U.S. Senate, it would be hard for him to take home a sizable income while working the very few hours a week he does. Also, and as important, Marco Rubio without the SENATOR in front of his name would be a much weaker candidate in another presidential run in 2020.

I understand that Marco Rubio will never admit it. But I would bet a sizable amount of money that Marco is voting for Hillary on Tuesday, Nov. 8. Except, of course, if he has already done so by mail, or by early voting which began in Florida last week.

A Hillary victory this year makes his presidential run in 2020 a greater possibility. It would be much harder for Rubio to challenge a president from his own party — under what appears an unlikely Trump victory at this moment.

It is time we Floridians rid ourselves of Marco Rubio and other politicians like him. I once referred to former Florida state representative (and close Marco Rubio friend) David Rivera as a cockroach — because of how hard it was to get rid of him. Marco comes from the same Blattodea family. A type of insect we must fumigate and continue fumigating until we’re sure they’re dead — in Rubio’s case in the figurative sense, or course.

That fumigation began thanks to an unlikely source, Donald Trump. We can double the dosage here in Florida by voting for Patrick Murphy to defeat Rubio next week. It would signify two very big losses in the same year for the man novelist and Miami Herald columnist Carl Hiaasen refers to as a “triple-talker” and a person who only does “what’s best for Marco, period.”

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