MEDICC Review: The International Journal of Cuban Health & Medicine


MEDICC Review: The International Journal of Cuban Health & Medicine ONLINE EXCLUSIVE (January 12, 2011)

To mark one year since the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti, MEDICC Review is publishing this special article online in advance of the print edition.

Haiti One Year Later: Cuban Medical Team Draws on Experience and Partnerships

Conner Gorry MA

Haiti requires much more attention from the international community, especially since this [cholera] epidemic could spread, making it not just a Haitian problem. To achieve this, it’s vital we work together beyond epidemic control, to help rebuild the country’s health system.” Dr Yiliam Jiménez, Director of Cuba’s International Medical Cooperation inMEDICC Review.

Continuing Senior Editor Conner Gorry’s coverage of post-quake Cuban medical cooperation, “Haiti One Year Later” focuses on today’s frontline efforts by 1400 health professionals in the Cuban-led medical team, working with Haitian and international partners to stem the cholera epidemic—and contribute to building a primary health care system in Haiti.

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