Interview with young U.S. Egyptians at SF protest

I was able to catch some of the opinions of young folks that attended the Feb. 5th march in solidarity with the people of Egypt. Today is a historic day in the world and in foreign policy. The people of Egypt have stood and spoke up for their future and that of their country. I wanted to share this testiment of the bright young minds that think and active progressively- in solidarity beyond borders. Thousands came to gether in the streets of San Francisco. I attended with my mother, as did mostly families that joined and marched together- with other globally for the people of Egypt.

I was in Egypt for the New Year of 2005, where I witnessed then a mass protest of the people in Cairo’s Tahrir Square for the freedom of (then) an imprisoned opposition leader and presidential candidate. I will have to dig through my old hard drive for the photos and footage I took on the streets of Cairo. (details to come). Days later several Sudanese were said to have been shot execution-style outside the National Egypt Museum- for protesting as refugees.

Now we see that same struggle continued and has been victorious- for the people. Egypt has turned the pyramids UP SIDE DOWN- and RIGHT for the Masses that have lived far too long in poverty and without a voice.

For some reason I am unable to embed youtube video with Interviw, so here is the direct link: PLEAE WATCH.