Currency markets and the strategic exit from the crisis (+Español)

An expansion of agreements with foreign companies is announced to increase offers in MLC, which, seen in a general way, is fine. It is an important step, but this must be looked at with depth and a comprehensive vision.

Apparently, no one of those who should try to explain clearly and in greater detail what strategy these decisions are part of, as they would articulate with the real way out of this crisis, which cannot be to continue setting up an economy that clearly has nothing to do with the solution to the needs of the majority of the population.

Obviously, in the current situation there are certain offers that can only exist if they pay for themselves imports that the crisis makes impossible, that is, in foreign currency (a necessary evil, not a virtue), but it is not in any way, nor just any product, neither in any place, nor for an unlimited or imprecise time, without clear explanations. This is only justified with certain limits and in connection with a way out of the crisis and the necessary general, comprehensive and deep restructuring of the Cuban economy. Otherwise nothing makes sense.

It is the market in Cuban pesos, the national currency of legal tender and in which work is paid, which must be a priority in its essential recovery. It is not enough to recognize it in the discourse, it must take shape in practice, which does not contribute and makes no strategic sense or political justification. Serious proposals to debate are not lacking, and time, for all this to be articulated as it should, is a critical variable.

Julio Carranza is a Cuban PhD in Economic Sciences. This note has been published with permission from the author.