Cuba-EU agree on cooperation

On the occasion, the representatives of Cuba and the EU agreed on international collaboration and the promotion of new projects in key sectors such as food security, local community development, digital connectivity and environmentally sustainable policies.

On the third round of the Cuba-EU Political Dialogue on Sustainable Development, held on June 13 in Havana, Cuba, the two delegations shared the view that the talks were extensive and productive, the Cuban Foreign Ministry said.

According to the ministry, both parties agreed to further talks within the Political Dialogue and Bilateral Cooperation Agreement framework.

Rodolfo Benítez, Director General of Multilateral Affairs and International Law of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs led the Cuban delegation.

III Political Dialogue on sustainable development Cuba-European Union co-chaired by DG INTPA with European External Action Service, the Minrex and our ambassadors from EU countries in Havana.

Cuba’s representatives said that the U.S. embargo is the main reason preventing Cuba from achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the implementation of the National Progress Plan until 2030.

For its part, the European side, led by the Director of the European Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean for International Partnerships, Jolita Butkeviciene, expressed the EU’s opposition to the hostile policy of the U.S.

The bloc also informed of several projects and strategies launched by the community, namely the Global Gateway, linked to collaboration in infrastructure development, and the Green Deal, aimed at tackling climate and environmental challenges.

From Telesur.