Surprise! The Miami Herald selective in its coverage of Honduras

I suppose it’s true what they say that “the more things change the more they stay the same.” Such is the case at The Miami Herald. With elections just weeks away in Honduras and the U.S. the only country in the Western Hemisphere in agreement that the election be held in spite of what has transpired since President Manuel Zelaya’s overthrow by coup in June, our local newspaper carefully selects what it allows its faithful readers to see in its pages.Bill and Hillary Clinton

Case in point is a brief but very to the point column written by Mark Weisbrot and published by the Sacramento Bee yesterday where he says, “What a disgrace it will be to our country if the Obama team follows through on its current strategy and recognizes these “elections!”

Weisbrot very clearly points the finger at Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and husband former President Bill for the U.S. role in going forward with this sad chapter which only proves what I state in my first sentence. In my case, I point the finger at The Herald for NOT publishing this important piece of journalism — the column is being distributed by the McClatchy Tribune Information Services. McClatchy, for those who might have forgotten, owns The Miami Herald. In other words, our hometown rag has had its hand on this Weisbrot piece for a few days now.

Alvaro F. Fernandez

To read the Mark Weisbrot column, click here

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