Poor little Marco Rubio. The junior senator from Florida is in a bind these days. Nobody seems to want him — in their office buildings. We’re already at two — offices in Tampa and Jacksonville — who have told Rubio they will NOT be renewing his contract.

The other day, in fact, I had the strangest dream. In my dream I was a reporter who had gotten hold of a text message Marco Rubio had received from his wife. The message read, “Little Marco, you’ve been fired! Please don’t return home. Your life is too disruptive for us. Find yourself another place to live.”

Can you imagine? Of course, when I woke up I realized that it was only a dream. Still, I wouldn’t doubt that our elevator-shoe-wearing senator has had moments during the past few weeks where he’s worried that he might be tossed out of his own house. That’s how bad things have become for Little Marco in his home state.

Maybe his hypocrisy-laden past has come back to haunt him. Or, might it be the fact that Floridians have come to the realization that they made a mistake with Marco? There’s plenty of proof.

Remember, Marco was one of the authors of the bi-partisan comprehensive immigration reform bill that was never voted on. After co-authoring it, though, he told tea party Floridians, who hated it, that he would not be voting for if it came up for a vote. This is the same Sen. Marco who told Florida voters he hated life in the U.S. Senate… only to return to the Senate the following year. The same Little Marco who promised he would not run for Senate re-election only to run anyway after realizing he’d never land another job that paid him so well, while hardly ever showing up for work. And it’s the same Marco Rubio who ran on a platform, among many other lies, of doing away with the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) while at the same time having family members signed up for it because it offered them an affordable option.

He is the same Marco Rubio who had a contentious primary presidential campaign with Donald Trump, where they insulted each other to the point of lowering themselves to barbs involving veiled sexual comments… and yet, only weeks ago, a smiling from ear to ear Little Marco and wife sat dining at the White House with the man who dubbed him (rightfully so…) Little Marco.

According to news outlets, including in this case The Washington Post: “The owner of Rubio’s office in Jacksonville, Fla., has decided not to renew the lease because of weekly protests that some say have become too disruptive. The owner of the senator’s office in Tampa recently made the same decision for the same reason.”

We will see what happens when the senator’s lease runs out in his other Florida offices in Miami, Orlando, Pensacola, Tallahassee and Palm Beach.

As explained by the same Washington Post article: “Many of the protesters are part of the national Indivisible movement started by former congressional staffers from the Obama administration. The idea is to rally activists — individuals, groups and organizations — to oppose President Trump at the local level and to place pressure on their representatives in Congress. The strategy was taken from ‘a few pages from the Tea Party playbook.’”

As the old saying states: What goes around comes around… Little Marco. Rubio came to the U.S. Senate via the help of the tea party in 2010. It’s funny to think that many of the same tea party tactics that elected him in the first place are now being used against Senator Rubio — and making his life miserable.

[Drawing at top by Daniel Pontet, who is also responsible for Progreso’s caricatures.]

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