Miami New Times: Cuban killer Posada Carriles goes on trial

Inside a festooned clubhouse in Westchester, a handsome 82-year-old in a dark suit smiles and points an index finger skyward. Though light is dim, his blue eyes, bushy gray brows, and estimable paunch are evident. Speaking quietly to a few sycophants, he appears a typical senescent guajiro, with one exception: His arms, chest, and jaw are covered with scars, the result of assassins’ bullets.

He’s Luis Posada Carriles, Cuban exile hero, ex-CIA agent, and legendary terrorist.

The alleged murderer of at least 74 innocents will go on trial soon in Texas, though a judge last week delayed the case. Watch for it. If he’s found innocent, it will signal the government’s ineptitude, hypocrisy, and corruption. And even if there’s a conviction, the penalty will likely be minimal, and the effect on the upcoming trial of the 9/11 killers could be significant.

To read the entire Miami New Times piece written by Chuck Strouse with help from Erik Maza, just click here: Cuban killer Luis Posada Carriles goes on trial

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