Marlins ownership screws Miami again

The Miami Marlins will probably start next season with mostly rookies and very young ballplayers mixed with an assortment of not too expensive young players and older ones who won’t cost them much. In other words, the cheapest team money can buy.

Marlins owner and resident shyster Jeffrey Loria

The Miami Herald is reporting that “Only 11 months after going ‘all in’ by signing a handful of high-priced free agents, the Miami Marlins are dumping payroll in a multi-player trade with Toronto. A source confirmed that Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle, Jose Reyes, John Buck and Emilio Bonifacio are headed to the Blue Jays.”

Surprised? Come on. This club’s ownership is all about the money – their own. They tricked, or bought off (you decide), Miami-Dade and Miami commissioners to build them a half billion dollar palace in the form of a baseball stadium, and fooled the city and its fans to believing that they were in to win – no matter the cost.

Ha! Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria made his money in the art world probably conning and stealing from poor artists and art dealers… This guy will kick a dying man on the street if it means it shakes money from his pockets that he can keep for himself. Shyster might be a good word I’d use to define him.

And there’s a track record. Check out what he did in Montreal when he owned that team. By the way, notice there’s no longer a ballclub in that area.

Miami, we’ve been fooled twice now by Jeffrey. In days of old this guy would be tarred and feathered.

Here, some politician(s) will find a way to award him the keys to the city.

Alvaro F. Fernandez

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