Alvarez, Natacha: Gasping for straws

Miami-Dade Mayor Alvarez today filed a lawsuit to block a recall vote scheduled for March 15. Commissioner Natacha Seijas had earlier also filed one for the same reason.

According to The Miami Herald, “The [Alvarez] suit asks the court to declare that not enough valid petitions were filed to warrant a recall election. It asks the judge to order the mayor’s name be stricken from March 15 ballot.”

That statement is interesting: Considering that more than 95,000 petitions were submitted to County Clerk’s office. County ordinance requires 51,992 recall petitions signed for the recall. So I ask myself: Of the more than 90,000, the mayor is now telling us that about half were not valid?

Grasping for straws, wouldn’t you agree?

As for our friend Natacha, she walked out of a scheduled deposition yesterday regarding her recall. There was media present and she balked at the idea. The Eye on Miami blog is reporting that in a hearing today, “the judge ruled that … Natacha Seijas must attend and testify at a deposition requested by Miami Voice in [her] recall lawsuit.”

Alvaro F. Fernandez

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