To the leaders of the great powers: Talk to Arturo

There is often inconsequential news, but when thinking about them surrounded by wars, like the one being waged today in the suffering Ukraine, they motivate us to think.

That is the case of Arturo Medeiros, a 36-year-old Brazilian influencer well known as Arturo O Urso, a faithful practitioner of polygamy. It turns out that Arturo is married to 8 women with whom he lives in harmony. He now aspires to marry a ninth, whom he told Folha de S. Paulo: “Hopefully this one is chubby.”

How is it possible to maintain such harmony with a shared bed and house and consensual tasks and functions? What is the key to such stability?

It is obviously a very difficult challenge. It is worth assuming that an order of life was negotiated and accepted by everyone, except for one who, according to Arturo, did not want to share him with the rest and left without assaulting her companions or shouting protests. Her decision was respected and thus, their harmonious life continues. 

There’s a message here to ponder.

I suggest world leaders talk to this exponent of successful polyamory, listen to his experience, knowing that eight or nine people are not three or four world powers — with their interests, nuclear weapons, economic-financial pressures, and hegemonic policies in whose networks the remaining countries with their billions of people are nothing more than pieces on a board to be moved.