Sounds good

How to write the music? I’m not talking about scores, or the classics or even concerts reduced to notes on paper.

I want to know how to write music and experience – when I’m writing it – the same feelings that I get when I’m listening to it. Maybe I should refer to it as rewriting it, because music was always written, since the beginning of time, devoted to form, full of mysteries that first defeat us and then haunts.

Music seduces us with its alleged laws, admit it; with that arithmetic measuring of its sounds. Having us believe that we understand its intimate truths, we often say such silly things as that jazz is more given to improvisation than rumba.

But only with time do we come to realize that there is something else in music, something that rhythm manuals or history books, or even the literary attempts from this pair of walkers – we call ourselves the One-Shooters – crashes into, it is just pure entertainment.

[Photos by Abel Sanchez. Assisted by Carlos Diaz Hernandez. Shot in Miami Beach (Lincoln Road) and Havana (Old Havana)]