We (One-Shooters) climbed the stairs without a word said between us. Since that peculiar moment when we parked the car, we had stopped talking to each other (although we are not sure).
A blond woman, suddenly, did not realize we were there, spying with a camera. We bet it happened due to her smell, a deep and boring smell that probably inspired her to ignore us.
There was a kind of heavy silence. No one seemed to be there. But, of course, they were all there: reading, listening to music, focusing on themselves.
Strangely, one man became upset with us. “Are you taking pictures?!” he said. “No!” we answered and opened a book by Raymond Carver. Then, a young, black man holding a bike looked at us, making a soft and unintelligible gesture with his left hand, something that we didn’t understand then and that still, at this moment, don’t understand.
The name of Carver’s story was “Where is everyone?”…
“Where are they?” asked my friend.
(Photos by Abel Sanchez. Assisted by Carlos Diaz Hernandez. Shot on MetroRail in Miami.)