Cuba and Brazil establish new cooperation agreements

Edited by Beatriz Montes de Oca / From Radio Havana Cuba

Cuba and Brazil signed important technical cooperation agreements in strategic sectors such as agriculture, health and social participation.

Cuban Deputy Prime Minister and head of Foreign Trade and Investment, Ricardo Cabrisas, and the Minister of Agrarian Development and Family Agriculture of Brazil, Paulo Teixeira, led the ceremony in Havana.

In total, 10 Complementary Agreements and their projects were signed, related to the exchange of experiences in food production management, the local obtaining of seeds on agroecological bases, and the introduction of improvements in the commercial management of Grupo Empresarial Acopio in Cuba.

They also contemplate the reinforcement of the urban, suburban and family agriculture program in Cuba, the ecological rehabilitation of agroecosystems invaded by marabou, and the promotion of agroforestry systems, including silvopasture for cattle.

Likewise, the projects address the field of micro-encapsulation technologies for bioactive compounds and for obtaining raw materials from natural plant sources, the strengthening of national and local capacities to improve food security and nutritional education in Cuba, as well as strategies to encourage participation and social control.

With the signing of the agreements, the parties fulfilled what was agreed upon in the agro-industrial sector missions carried out in the months of September and November 2023 and in the 13th Meeting of the Brazil-Cuba Technical Cooperation Working Group, in September that same year.