With Marco out of the picture, David Rivera is looking for safe haven

MIAMI – David Rivera is a scoundrel. And he’s up to his old tricks again.

The Miami Herald announced on Thursday Rivera’s intention of running for a state House legislative seat in District 118. The announcement comes one day after the thrashing best buddy Marco Rubio took in Florida that ended his quest for the presidency of the U.S.

Rivera had been following Rubio around the country with hopes of landing on his feet with Marco headed to the White House. It was not in the cards.

I admit that Rivera has proven to be a cat with more than nine lives. But now he must figure out how to avoid jail time as he runs from a slew of criminal and ethical investigations. Speculation has been that nothing would happen to Rivera during Rubio’s run for president. Pundits assuring that feds usually try not to affect an election because of a case they are pursuing. It was obvious that if Rivera had been arrested during Rubio’s run it would have become a key part of the campaign. In fact, Donald Trump has run a TV commercial against Rubio using the corrupt Rivera as lead actor.

Tuesday (March 15) Rubio suspended his run for president. At the end of this year Marco will NOT be a U.S. senator any longer. And that, folks, leaves David Rivera hanging in the wind with little to grab.

So it is no surprise that Rivera is now announcing a run for a state House seat as he promised he’d do in 2014. In his sick mind, I am sure, David believes this will spare him jail for a while longer while he figures out where to go next and what new woman to con that might spare him time in the clink. And the Miami Herald seems to agree with me. On Thursday they reported that “Becoming a candidate again would allow Rivera to claim that any indictment now might be politically motivated. The statute of limitation in the case expires in 2017.”

But David… I believe your time is up! And I would not be surprised to see the feds driving up to wherever Rivera is currently hiding, handcuffing him and carting him off to a prison cell where hopefully he’ll reside for a number of years.

THIS is important: the statute of limitations in Rivera’s cases is up next year. And David has already weaseled out of prison time using this tactic.

So notice to the authorities: Don’t let this corrupt and sick man slip through your fingers – again!

[In photo at top one see David Rivera standing behind Sen. Marco Rubio during better days for both.]

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