U.S. sends super hospital ship to Haiti — the dying are hoping for more action from them

Haitians are tiring of waiting for help. At least it’s what I see coming from so many fronts. The U.S. seems to have taken over the country and serves as a buffer as to what can be done with relief efforts trying to get to the devastation and death caused by last week’s earthquake in Port au Prince.

Surely organization and security are important. I’ve never doubted that. But are you going to ask people to hold off while they’re dying so that gun-toting U.S. military personnel get their shit in order?

I just received an email tonight from the Cubadebate website where they mention the U.S. super-hospital ship, the USS Carl Vinson. With more than 3,500 people on board, three operating tables, a radiology unit, 55 medical specialists on board and who knows what else… and the Vinson has attended a total of 10 patients since it arrived. Seven were Haitians and three U.S. citizens. Compare that to the several dozen or so surgeries Cuban and Haitian physicians are performing daily in make-shift, outdoor hospitals.

How many more will die before we realize that its doctors and supplies the Haitians require, not guns and more soldiers…

Alvaro F. Fernandez

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