Trump to eliminate DACA protection for undocumented youngsters

President Donald Trump has decided to eliminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), affecting thousands of young immigrants in the country known as Dreamers, reported the Politico website on Sunday.

“President Donald Trump has decided to end the Obama-era program that grants work permits to undocumented immigrants who arrived in the country as children … Senior White House aides huddled Sunday afternoon to discuss the rollout of a decision likely to ignite a political firestorm — and fulfill one of the president’s core campaign promises,” reported Politico.

The website is reporting that the president’s decision will not be enforced for six months, allowing Congress to act.

“Trump is expected to announce his decision on Tuesday, and the White House informed House Speaker Paul Ryan of the president’s decision on Sunday morning, according to a source close to the administration. Ryan had said during a radio interview on Friday that he didn’t think the president should terminate DACA, and that Congress should act on the issue,” reported Politico.

Approximately 800,000 undocumented immigrants will be affected by Trump’s decision to do away with DACA.

Let me explain as simply as possible who these Dreamers are. They are youngsters who this country will throw out if this law is repealed. They’ve been here no less than 10 years. They are children who came to this country at the hands of their parents, who arrived here illegally. The children, some as young as one and two, have never known another country since their arrival. This IS home. They mostly speak English. They’ve studied here and some attend university. Many have distinguished themselves as the finest students in their classes. They would now be sent back to the country of their birth — a place they don’t know…

Even if for political expediency (if that’s what it takes), let us hope that Congress acts and does something to stop the president. Or has this country lost its soul?

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