In a tizzy, crybaby Marco shows no respect for voters

MIAMI – All indications point to the fact that Sen. Marco Rubio would like to be president. Yet Sen. Rubio appears not to place much interest on the opinion of the American people…

In a tizzy since President Barack Obama announced the normalization of diplomatic relations with Cuba on Wednesday of this week, Florida’s junior senator blurted out that he didn’t “care if the polls say that 99 percent of people believe we should normalize relations in Cuba.” Rubio has been critical of the President and even the Pope for daring to deal with “Castro’s Cuba.” Of course, Rubio left of the fact that he had no problem sending staffers to China (paid for by the Chinese government) on a “fact finding” junket earlier this year.

Coming from Rubio nothing surprises me. I recently likened Rubio to a chameleon. A man who changes opinions based on what group he’s addressing – and what is most beneficial to his political yearnings. But Rubio’s reaction to Obama’s Cuba announcement reminded me more of a child furious when he doesn’t get his way.

And yet, there are those in the media and around the country, and many hard-right and dying off Miami Cubans, who see him as the second coming of Jesus Christ. My answer to these believers: there’s a saying in Spanish that goes something like this: “Turn off the light and let’s get going…” because this guy’s not ready for the presidency.

Although, I must admit, newspapers like The Washington Post deserve credit for publishing columns on Rubio lately exposing the chameleon’s true colors. If you’ve yet to read Dana Milbank’s words about Rubio titled “Marco Rubio’s fury over the Cuba shift shows why Obama made the right move”, which we reproduced here, you’re missing out on why I refer to Rubio as a crybaby – and definitely not ready for prime time.

Finally, a brand new Zogby Analytics poll shows that those same American voters Rubio disrespects favor change in Cuba policy by two to one. Fifty six percent favor the just announced change in direction with Cuba, while about one in four (27%) disagree and 17% are not sure.

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