The State Department is in a rate of collapse unlike any moment in our history

Here’s a story that isn’t getting nearly the attention it deserves. With elections, North Korea, hurricanes, and bombastic tweets understandably dominating the nation’s attention, there are forces at work that are destabilizing some of our core institutions with not nearly enough notice. And one of the most dire threats is happening at the State Department.

In a dangerous and complicated world, we need the best minds and most committed public servants working for peace, not just preparing for war. Diplomacy is a difficult art, and experience matters. But under President Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the State Department is in a rate of collapse unlike any moment I can think of in our history. It’s not just a matter of policy or priorities. It’s the entire ability of the American government to exercise soft power and function.

In all my travels around the globe over the years, I have consistently been impressed by the men and women of the foreign service. They are by and large a credit to our nation. The hard and sometimes dangerous work they do goes largely unheralded. But we would be a weaker nation without them. And that is where we are heading.

This wonderful article from Vox should be required reading:

New data shows how the Trump administration is destroying the State Department

(From the Dan Rather Facebook page)


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