Jeffrey Loria: laughing at us

Surprised? Come on… Miami Marlins ownership is all about the money – their own. They tricked, or bought off (you decide), Miami-Dade and Miami commissioners to build them a half billion dollar palace in the form of a baseball stadium, and fooled the city and its fans to believing that they were here to build a winning ballclub – no matter the cost.

Ha! Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria made his money in the art world probably conning and stealing from poor artists and art dealers… This guy will kick a dying man on the street if it means it shakes money from his pockets that he can keep for himself. Shyster, a good word to describe him.

Miami, Jeffrey has fooled us for the second time by trading away his best players – in order to save money. In days of old this guy would be tarred and feathered.

But here, some politician(s) will find a way to award him the keys to the city.

– Alvaro F. Fernandez, Progreso Weekly editor

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