Helen Aguirre Ferré: From Anastasio Somoza to Donald Trump

She had to be from Miami, and a Hispanic.

I’m just reading the news that Helen Aguirre Ferré was named head of Hispanic media relations for the Republican National Committee. Her job is to assure that Donald Trump – the man who has referred to undocumented immigrants from Mexico as criminals and rapists, and spares no words when attacking prominent Hispanics – is elected president in November.

I’d also like to remind Mrs. Aguirre Ferre that she just accepted a position to represent not only an anti-Latino candidate, but also an unrepentant misogynist, and an ignorant brute and bully who feels entitled to say and do as he pleases because he was born wealthy.

Donald Trump is a dangerous man. And Mrs. Aguirre Ferré just signed up to help him achieve the most powerful, political job on earth.

As a Latina and a woman, all I can say to Mrs. Aguirre Ferré is shame on you!

Aguirre Ferré shown here in photo with her father, Horacio Aguirre.
Aguirre Ferré shown here in photo with her father, Horacio Aguirre.

She was described by The Washington Post as a “GOP operative and former Spanish-language conservative radio talk show host with deep roots in the Miami area. (Her father-in-law is Maurice Ferré, the first Hispanic mayor of Miami.)” All true, but they left out the best.

The fact is that the RNC may have hit on the perfect Hispanic to lead the media charge for Donald Trump. Normally I would refuse to blame her for her family’s sins, but… this situation reminds me of a favorite saying of my father’s: ‘Lo que se hereda no se hurta.’ Literally translated to ‘What is inherited is not stolen.’ In other words, it seems to run in the family.

Helen Aguirre Ferré is the daughter of Nicaraguan born Horacio Aguirre Baca, who went on to found Diario Las Americas, the oldest Spanish newspaper in Miami. It was founded on July 4, 1953 – a Yankee Doodle newspaper. Almost exactly one year later, in June 1954, a covert operation carried out by the CIA deposed the democratically elected Guatemalan President Jacobo Árbenz and ended the Guatemalan Revolution. Code-named Operation PBSUCCESS, it installed the military dictatorship of Carlos Castillo Armas, the first in a series of U.S.-backed dictators who ruled Guatemala.

Anastasio Somoza
Anastasio Somoza

Aguirre Baca had ties to important names involved in the Guatemalan coup. They included John Foster Dulles, who had been named Secretary of State under Dwight D. Eisenhower, Allen Dulles, his brother who headed the CIA, and Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza García.

A person I trust, who is no longer with us, once assured me that the money used to create Diário Las Américas came straight from Washington, D.C. The newspaper receiving its marching orders from the CIA. I believe the Diário is no longer in Aguirre family hands, and it plays a minor role in the politics of Miami and Latin America these days, but during its heyday, they had their hands full of places like Nicaragua, Guatemala, Cuba, and Miami – which in the 60s became the largest ever CIA field operation, with thousands of people on its payroll.

And I would never think of accusing a person like Mrs. Aguirre Ferré, who I have never met, of having ties that date back to her father. Those days are long gone. But based on her actions and words as a member of the Miami media, and now her acceptance of a post whose last director, Ruth Guerra, quit because of Donald Trump, I suspect that not so deep in Helen Aguirre Ferré’s mind, she’s the type of person who might admire an Anastasio Somoza. And who knows? She may see some of his qualities in Donald Trump.

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6 Responses to Helen Aguirre Ferré: From Anastasio Somoza to Donald Trump

  1. De que te sirve haber hecho tantas averiguaciones si cometes errores graves en por lo menos dos de ellas. Primero que nada, fueron su padre, Don Horacio, de entonces 22 años, y su tio Francisco, de 26, los que arriesgaron sus vidas al querer sacar del poder a Anastasio Somoza Garcia, en 1947, o sea 10 años despues de que ASG llegase al poder en Nicaragua. Que hacias tu a los 22 años, me pregunto? Y en cuanto a si ella admira a los Somoza, no seria ella quien es, hija de su padre, un antisomocisdta, si fuera ese el caso. Por cierto, la proxima vez que escribas un articulo sobre Doña Helen, asegurate que no lo ensucies con errores, porque me obligaras a ponerte en ridiculo, una y otra vez y no aqui, sino en Facebook.

    • Adding to Mr. Pérez-Argüello. It is utterly a disservice Alvaro Fernándes your article concerning Ms. Helen Aguirre Ferré. It is also highly inaccurate in its biographical notes, history and links. The sadness is that when someone like you writes such falsehoods, it not only tarnishes a woman of excellent reputation, but also shows your mediocre, if at best, any credentials as a “journalist.”.

      For the record, “El Diaro Las Américas” was founded by exiles who were anti-somocistas. To clarify for you, fighting against the Somoza regione. Second, how you linked her father to the overthrow in Guatemala, leaves a major hole, large enough with many doubts in your assessment.

      Finally, you may disagree on her position in the Trump administration given the opinions he has made, but to attack her family, her credentials and worst, not having the professionalism to verify evidence, leaves much to be desired of your work.

      Find another career, because you are utterly a failure in this one.

  2. Guillermo F. Perez-Arguello.
    Estoy de acuerdo contigo. Alvaro Fernandez no debe de escribir articulos sin haber hecho un RESEARCH de la veracidad que escriba y diga.
    Es un BOCHORNO que se le permita esto. Empezando porque la Sra Helen Aguirre Ferre lleva mucho tiempo dirigiendo el Diario de las Americas que es intachable en su veracidad de articulos. Y ha sido nombrada como directora de medios de prensa por el Presidente Donald Trump.
    Pero hay muchos latinos que tendran que corregir sus ERRORES. Mi mayor respeto hacia Ud que le ha puesto la verdad indiscutible a esta noble dama que ha sabido triunfar.
    Muchas gracias.

  3. Señor Alvaro Fernández. I take it you are a Hispanic, who doesn´t know what a “latino” is since there is no such thing, for those who write in English and are of Hispanic heritage. Oh, there is no “latino” culture, or “latino” dictionary, or “latino” language. There is a Hispanic culture, Spanish dictionary and Spanish language. Please, know at least your ethnic background.

    On Ms. Helen Aguirre Ferré, your lack of research, attention to detail and failure to even follow the smallest procedures in journalism are a disgrace to us all. It is the reason why articles like these are laughed at by the English speakers, for the lack of professionalism and due diligence.

    The message linking Ms. Aguirre, to her father, to the overthrow of Guatemala´s president and assigning a relationship to Somoza not only lacks evidence, but also anyone who would check the history of the paper would know how erroneous is your linking.

    In one word, you are awful, not because of the opinion you wrote, but because your article lacks credentials, evidence, logic and most important of all, truth.

    Find another career, because you are an utter miserable failure on this one! It is my hope, at least Mr. Francisco Aruca takes note of your visible ineptitude that tarnishes the credibility of “progesoweekly”!

  4. Los Doctores Francisco y Horacio Aguirre Baca, eran Tenientes de la Guardia Nacional de Nicaragua, y Ayudantes Militares del General Anastasio Somoza Garcia. Helen, a quien no tengo el honor de conocer, no puede cargar con culpas de su familia. Es una persona ideal para ocupar el cargo para que fue nombrada. Mis felicitaciones, Helen. Mi papa, Dr. Manuel F. Zurita, quiso mucho a tu tio Francisco y a tu Papa. Mis felicitaciones, Helen. Manuel Zurita Jr.

  5. Any Hispanic who would support a Trump administration, which uses fear and hate to strengthen its base, has no idea the enormous harm they do in the name of personal gain. Yes, you should be ashamed of yourself.

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