What a year!

2017 is almost over.

The Trump Revolution is in full swing.

And here’s what we can expect more of in the coming year:

  • Health insurance may become a thing of the past — for those who can’t afford it.
  • Proportionally, taxes will be raised on those with less — in order to help subsidize billionaires.
  • Banksters and large corporations will continue to abuse us — so we’ll reward them with a huge tax cut.
  • Our national parks, a splendid collection of this country’s so many jewels — will be sold in pieces to help spur overdevelopment, helping to kill our environment, and stuffing the pockets of Trumpsters around the world.
  • The environment… who cares! — it’s why we’ve named department heads to help continue to destroy it.
  • Climate change has become fake news — as hurricanes and other natural disasters react to our lack of husbandry and destroy us, while we help to drown ourselves.
  • Smart people are the ones with money — all others are either lazy or are not lily white.
  • Education, intelligence and intellectuality are useless — unless they are used… to make money.
  • Student loans — it’s a great way for others to make money and harness our children with unpayable debt.
  • Good manners… what are those? — we’d rather grab them by the pussy!
  • The disabled or less fortunate — they’re put here so we can make fun of them.
  • Neighbors helping neighbors, and looking out one for the other — only if there’s a rea$onable return on our investment.
  • Our dictionaries are being refined a la Trump — government has outlawed words such as “vulnerable,” “diversity,” “entitlement,” “transgender,” “fetus,” “evidence-based,” and “science-based.”
  • As per the words above — it appears that science is on the Trump Regime shit list.
  • Lies are all right — as long as they legitimize our fearless leader.
  • Bozo the clown and Ronald McDonald have been retired by presidential order — children have been confusing them with the Donald.
  • We relish the fact that we’re “ugly”, that’s what makes America great! — the rest of the world can go fuck itself.
  • Israel under Bibi is OK — come on Palestinians, we just want you to know what it felt like to live in a ghetto…
  • Bibi won’t like this, but… the Saudis help fill the family’s coffers — so they’re on the naughty, but nice list.
  • Iran — nuke them.
  • North Korea — nuke them.
  • Russia — nuke them.
  • China — nuke them.
  • Syria — nuke them.
  • Countries the president doesn’t even know exist — nuke them.
  • As for nuclear weapons, it is time to proliferate — or how do you explain the 30-year, trillion dollar U.S. Nuclear Modernization Program?
  • One point two and one-half trillion dollars for nukes — do you know how many student loans that would finance? how many health insurances it would cover? how many persons it would help out of poverty? how many roads, bridges and other things it would help to restore and modernize? how many studies it could fund to find cures for so many diseases? …

I’m sure the list is much longer…

But now I better understand why I find myself a bit depressed these days.

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