Give Trump credit for creating the worst, yet most successful, reality show of all time

Let’s give President Donald Trump credit for something. If it’s entertainment you want, the Donald offers it — sometimes on a daily basis and with ever-changing story lines. And surely the U.S. now run by the Trumps is no longer looked at as stable, but if you’re rich and can afford to waste your time, this may be the place to be. We’ve become the equivalent of one of those Spanish language telenovelas, with a mix of Kerry Washington’s Amanda Pope in the TV series “Scandal,” and just a touch of the 1980s television prime time love-hate family feud fueled by wealth, “Dynasty.”

Miss a day and you’re out of the White House loop.

Under the Trump administration we can’t claim to be a better or safer nation partly because of the distractions and the stupidity run rampant in Washington. At the same time television and the media can’t get enough of this melodrama staged and run by the nation’s “You’re Fired” in chief.

It was just last week (whew!! it seems longer) that Trump’s chief of staff, Reince Priebus, was dismissed, or he may have parted ways with the president, or… honestly, nobody really knows, but stay tuned and we MAY find out.

We are told that Priebus, and before him Sean Spicer [Yep! the White House press secretary made famous by comedian Melissa McCarthy’s Spicey impersonation during her Saturday Night Live skits.], had been fired by new White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci, the potty-mouthed Italian [he bragged of his Italian credentials every chance he had] from Queens, who told a New Yorker magazine writer that Steve Bannon, a Trump advisor, performed oral sex on himself (in more X-rated language) among other prized descriptions of what was going on in the White House.

Then came the general. John F. Kelly, a well respected Marine and four-star general, who last week headed Homeland Security, on Friday was named chief of staff replacing Priebus. General Kelly wasted no time in shaking things up and got rid of tough-guy Scaramucci after 10 days on the job. Scaramucci had claimed to be so loyal to, and love, Trump so much he missed his own son’s birth and stayed away from the hospital, according to newspapers, for days before meeting him. Last Friday Scaramucci’s wife filed for divorce.

They say Steve Bannon is next, which would be good news if it wasn’t for the fact that this president, in only six months — it feels like so much more — has drained the swamp, as he promised during his campaign, only to fill the empty space with what seems like a much more dangerous bunch of wild creatures never before seen, who are willing to bite each other’s heads off for a man loyal to no one but himself.

And the worst part of this disaster is not the firings or the hirings. It is the fact that way too many Americans are worried that they will have no healthcare next year, or even if the planet will survive global warming. Too many Americans can’t believe they’re having a hard time sending their kids to college in spite of a mother and father working — sometimes two jobs. Too many Americans don’t sleep at nights thinking about getting old and not having the wherewithal to live decently as elderly citizens in the richest nation on earth. And way too many Americans can’t understand how an economy we are told is doing so well is not reflected in our weekly paychecks and a decent standard of living for the majority in this country.

The truth is that there are still many American who refuse to believe that what we call a democracy has become a full-blown plutocracy where the economy IS surely doing great — for the top 10 percent who seem to care little about the other 90 percent.

I won’t even discuss the international disasters Trump seems to face with the attitude that dropping the biggest bomb since the ones that decimated Japan to end World War II will solve all our problems abroad.

Yet, to date, the 35 to 40 percent who voted for Trump to make America great again — the great majority who will feel the wrath of his policies in the future — are still supporting a president whose only achievement to date is to create the most successful reality TV show the world has ever seen.

And although viewership is at an all-time high, the content being screened is poor, shoddy, smutty and leading us on a path of destruction.

Photo at top: Scaramucci on the left and General Kelly on the right.

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