11 were involved in deadly plot, ministry says

Text of official note from the Cuban Ministry of the Interior, published Saturday (June 14) in Granma and translated by Progreso Weekly. For background, click here.


As a result of the investigations on the murders reported last Wednesday, eleven persons have been identified who, beginning in April, organized a purported illegal departure from the country with support from abroad and gathered on Saturday 7 June at the El Yunque Ranch in Baracoa Beach in the municipality of Bauta, Artemisa province.

Four of the people involved were transported individually to the environs of the NiÒa Bonita farm in a “bicytaxi” driven by Orlando Gutiérrez Padilla, 43, who lived in that very neighborhood. Three of them were murdered and hidden: Yariel Valdés Rodríguez, 26, Luis Adrián González Torres, 34, and Juan Antonio Breuil Espinosa, 25, residents in the Havana municipalities of Boyeros, Playa and Arroyo Naranjo, respectively; while the fourth, Pedro Luis Rodríguez León, 25, managed to escape after being attacked and gravely wounded. He is now under arrest.

The other body is that of the abovementioned Gutiérrez Padilla. The bodies were buried on the morning of 12 June.

The investigation continues into a group of detainees to identify the authors and determine the reasons that provoked these lamentable events.

Ministry of the Interior, 13 June 2014.

[Photo above of Baracoa beach in Bauta, near Havana.]


Four murdered in presumed escape; six arrested

(06-11-14) – Four people were found murdered in a seaside estate about 12 miles west of Havana, and six people are arrested, the Cuban Interior Ministry revealed Wednesday (June 11). The crime is believed to be related to an illegal attempt to leave the country with outside help, the announcement says.artemisa

Because the Cuban government seldom publicizes criminal acts, Progreso Weekly has translated the report, as follows.


On the afternoon of Tuesday, June 10, the bodies of four persons killed in a violent manner were found in the Niña Bonita estate of Playa Baracoa [Baracoa Beach], city of Bauta, province of Artemisa.

According to the preliminary results of the investigative process being carried out by a multidisciplinal team, the crime is associated with a presumptive plan to leave the country illegally with support from abroad.

Until this moment, six people involved in the event have been arrested. [The ministry] will continue to inform.

Ministry of the Interior

Wednesday 11 June 2014


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