Four Miamians arrested and charged with terrorism in Cuba

(Press release issued by Cuba’s Ministry of the Interior after the arrest of four U.S. citizens, all from Miami, who have been charged with terrorism on the island. Translation is by Progreso Weekly.)

On 26 April, forces of the Ministry of the Interior detained U.S. citizens and Miami residents of Cuban origin, José Ortega Amador, Obdulio Rodríguez González, Raibel Pacheco Santos y Félix Monzón Álvarez, while executing planned terrorist acts on the national territory.

The detainees admitted that they intended to attack military installations with the aim of promoting violence. For these purposes, since mid-2013, three of them had made ​​several trips to the island to study and plan the operation.

They further stated that these plans were being organized under the leadership of terrorists Santiago Alvarez Fernández Magriñá, Osvaldo Mitat and Manuel Alzugaray, who reside in Miami and have close links with the terrorist Luis Posada Carriles.

The necessary arrangements will be made with the relevant U.S. authorities to investigate these incidents to prevent such elements and terrorist organizations based in that country from endangering the lives of persons and the security of both nations.

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