Just watched the Rick Scott-Charlie Crist debate held in South Florida at Broward College. The headlines throughout Florida newspaper will tell you the obvious, it was bizarre.

Initially, neither would come out because Scott was contesting Crist, who had asked for a fan (yes, a fan that blows air; what I used as a kid so as not to melt while sleeping during Florida summers and falls…) and Scott declared it illegal and not as planned for the debate. Seriously, Is this guy from Mars?

He finally showed up five minutes into the debate… I guess he figured he looked bad not showing up and all of Florida looking at Charlie alone on stage looking gubernatorial…

The thing is, Scott should have remained behind the curtains. This guy got clobbered tonight. The one thing we got from the incumbent governor (Scott) is that he is thankful that his mother divorced an abusive father, which may have been the reason he turned out the way he did.

Of course, Charlie Crist mentioned the fact that part of who he is (or was) is that Scott was a former CEO of a health care company in Florida who paid the highest fine ever paid to the federal government for having committed fraud. Medicare, folks… that’s how Rick made part of his fortune; and Charlie hammered away (several times) at the fact that Scott pleaded the Fifth (Amendment) more than 70 times during the trial, where his company was found guilty of committing fraud against the feds.

The winner tonight, without a doubt, was Crist. Like him or hate him, he looked like a Florida governor. Scott seemed like a child who claims to have made it, despite an abusive father…

By the way, did Scott ever an answer any question during the entire debate?…

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