Deposed Honduran President Vows to Return on Thursday

President Jose Manuel Zelaya of Honduras assured that he will return to his country on Thursday to confront the coup d’etat, while inviting the OAS secretary general and other Latin American presidents who might want toJose Manuel Zelaya accompany him.

The Honduran president used the meeting of the presidents of the Rio Group celebrated in Managua on Monday to reiterate that he will finish out his constitutional period given to him by popular vote.

“In a way this things are indignant,” said Zelaya, “but on the other side they give you the courage to arm oneself and to stand up. My presidential period ends on January 27, 2010; there are still seven months to go, but those seven months will be carried out inside Honduras; of this I want to inform the coup leaders because after my return from Washington I am going to Tegucigalpa, may the people wait for me, may the army wait for me and those who want to sacrifice this system.”

“I am headed to Tegucigalpa next Thursday, arriving will be the elected president of the country, the president that the people elected for four years. I am going to finish my four year mandate whether you (the oligarchies) are in agreement or not.”

“The Honduran president will return to his homeland to serve out his presidential mandate,” he added.

Alvaro F. Fernandez

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