Cuba’s self-employment rules are clarified

The following “Informative Note About Self-Employed Labor” appeared Saturday the 2nd in Granma. The translation is by Progreso Weekly.

Since October 2010, at which time the process of expansion of self-employed labor was begun, the number of registered workers has grown from 157,000 to more than 442,000. The validity of this option as a source of employment and production and services for the population was confirmed, freeing the State from those activities to concentrate in what is truly decisive.cuba self emp

As stated by the President of the Councils of State and Ministers at the National Assembly on Dec. 18, 2010, it is the task of the Party and Government to facilitate the efforts of self-employed workers, not to create stigmas or prejudices against them, which must accompanied by strict compliance with the Law and the tax [regulations], and to motivate in this sector a rejection of illegalities.

The measures adopted in recent years have been directed at continuing to perfect and make flexible the practice of this form of non-State activity.

Last Sept. 26, the Official Gazette of the Republic published several regulations on self-employed labor that establish the granting of authorizations for 18 additional activities and regulate the extent of the remaining others, which contributes to preventing indiscipline and illegalities.

Likewise, in order to further clarify the provisions of these regulations to the self-employed workers, they are being informed individually of the contents of the activity they are performing.

During this process, they are being told again about the illegality of the retail sale of imported goods or the resale of items purchased from the State-run commercial network.

At this time, we must explain that the cinema shows that involve 3-D [three-dimensional] theaters, as well as the organization of computer games, have never been authorized and are being carried out on a one-time basis and in situations linked to other events, such as events involving food services.

In the case of people who do business as “Seamstress or Tailor” and “Producer-Vendor of Various Household Items,”  a considerable number of workers have expressed an interest in additional time to liquidate their inventories. For that purpose, [the authorities], in an exceptional ruling, have agreed to let them do this until Dec. 31 of this year.

Those who decide not to continue practicing as “Seamstress or Tailor” and “Producer-Vendor of Various Household Items” because they never really placed themself in that framework or simply never engaged in those trades, must return any authorization granted to them before Jan. 20, 2014, and will be exempt from the payment of taxes for the month in which they quit.

On the other hand, cinema shows (including 3-D halls) and computer games in any kind of activity will cease at once.

The process of notification to the people who engage in self-employed labor will continue, according to the existing timetable.

These measures are corrections necessary to continue to regulate this form of activity, combat impunity, demand compliance with the law, and protect the self-employed workers who, in their great majority, comply with the established regulations. It is not in the least a step backward. On the contrary, we shall continue to advance decisively toward the actualization of the Cuban economic model.

The success of the process of implementation of the Guidelines for the Economic and Social Policies of the Party and Revolution, approved by the Sixth Congress, will be possible only in an atmosphere of order, discipline and exigency, for which purpose we enjoy the support and active collaboration of our people.

By virtue of the above, we ratify the firm determination of the Government not to allow violations of any kind to the decisions it has adopted or may adopt in the future.

Executive Committee of the Council of Ministers 

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