Cuba, Serbia presidents vow to increase political, economic ties

HAVANA — Cuban president Raúl Castro received his Serbian counterpart, Aleksandar Vučić, on Friday [and both] agreed to increase economic and commercial ties between both countries and highlighted the “high level” of political dialogue.

Castro welcomed Vučić at the presidential palace with military honors, afterwards both leaders held talks with their respective delegations, according to an official government release.

“In fraternal talks, both presidents expressed their mutual satisfaction for the good state of relations and the high level of political dialogue achieved so far,” said the statement.

Prior to the official talks, the Serbian dignitary laid a wreath in tribute to Cuban national hero Jose Marti at his memorial located in Havana’s Revolution Square.

Vučić will conclude his official three-day visit to Cuba on Friday where he’s had a busy agenda that included a meeting with the president of the island’s parliament, Estaban Lazo, and a keynote address at the University of Havana.

He also visited a photo exhibition dedicated to late Cuban leader, Fidel Castro.

Cuba and Serbia will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the establishment of uninterrupted diplomatic relations in 2018.

[Photo at top of President Vučić meeting with Esteban Lazo. Photo from Escambray.]

(From Xinhua)

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