Cubans can now import electrical appliances, mopeds

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HAVANA (EFE) – Cuban customs authorities starting on Monday authorized individuals to import electric appliances and mopeds in a resolution eliminating the prohibition on such imports that had been in force since 2005.

Resolution 143 published on Monday in the island’s Official Gazette sets forth that Cuban citizens traveling abroad may import refrigerators, air conditioners of any type or model, microwave ovens, stoves and electric ovens. Also covered in the resolution are imports of electric grills and other electric home appliances such as shower attachments, deep-fryers, water heaters and toasters.alt

A regulation put in place in March 2005 prohibited the import of some of these electric appliances by natural persons because at the time they were considered “high consumers” of electricity, but the new ruling nullifies the previous one. Cuban citizens may now import two of each type of appliance. In the case of air conditioners, their capacity may not exceed one ton, and the power requirements of imported ovens or electric stoves may not exceed 1,500 watts.

The document also sets forth that each citizen may bring up to two electric mopeds into the country, along with their parts and accessories, provided that their maximum speed does not exceed 50 kilometers (32 miles) per hour and the motor’s power does not exceed 1,000 watts. The new rule enters into force five months after an immigration reform measure was put in place that has given Cubans living on the island and emigrees greater flexibility in traveling abroad.

Other resolutions approved by Cuban customs authorities last December allow citizens to import 268 products and items in 16 categories, including food, computers, cosmetics, furniture, tools, automobile parts, games, tobacco products and construction materials.

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