Budweiser’s immigrant story; or, in your face Donald Trump

Budweiser’s new Super Bowl commercial tells the story of the German immigrant who co-founded Anheuser-Busch and the brand’s deep roots in St. Louis.

The commercial, titled “Born the Hard Way,” was released Tuesday, and hits in the midst of a raging immigration debate.

It celebrates the struggle of the company’s founder to make it to St. Louis — still the company’s headquarters — and realize his vision of creating a new kind of beer.

The brewer chose to reveal the ad during a global debate about Donald Trump’s temporary ban on immigration from seven Middle Eastern nations. It appears tailor-made for the times.

“Budweiser believes freedom and the pursuit of the American dream are nothing without ambition,” according to the statement.

It adds: “The story is one of commitment, passion and never giving up or backing down.”

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